GSM Intercom Kit

200 User GSM Access Controller w/ Inbuilt Event Log & GSM intercom

Main Features:

  • 1 dedicated free call access output (200 Users)
  • Fully programmable output
  • 2 alarm input to trigger alert or directly switch output (Press to Exit)            
  • Event log bySMS or USB pen drive
  • Unauthorised access attempt alert by SMS with offending number
  • PC & SMS programming Unique text prompt to view current settings
  • Small easy mount box
  • Multi-function LED Signal display inc GSM signal strength
  • Text alerts for fault conditions
  • Integrated GSM antenna with optional 3m external GSM antenna

The new GSM gate opener is a simple device that can be fitted to any electric gate, barrier or automatic garage door system at the time of installation or can be added on at a later date. The unit works by calling the unit by your mobile phone, as soon as you connect to the unit it will automatically hang up and open what ever it is connected to. As the unit never answers it wont cost you a penny to phone.

The GSM gate / barrier opener is very secure as it will only open the gates / barriers to those numbers programmed into it. Never wait in for workmen or deliveries, phone the gate / garage and open up from anywhere in the world there is no distance on how far the system works.

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