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Product Description :

Our GSM intercom is a new entrance intercom which works on the same technology as mobile phones and it also has an additional access control feature.

When the visitors push the call button a call to be made from the GSM intercom to land-line or mobile phones of the User's choice. It enables to call three telephone numbers if the first is busy or not answered the call can be diverted to the second and the third.
Access Control:
Programming of the telephone numbers in and whenever the GSM intercom receives a call will recognize an authorized telephone number calling it and will then reject the call without answering (so there will be no charge) and open the gate / door.

Product Features :

  1. Stainless-Steel, Weatherproof.
  2. Vandal resistant design.
  3. Rings up to 3 numbers in sequence.
  4. Ring in to open the door without key at no call charge, up to 100 numbers.
  5. Can be used for silent monitoring.
  6. Ring time/ call time/ relay time is changeable.
  7. Relay can be control to hold or release the gate.
  8. Work with power supplies in the range 12~24V AC/DC.
  9. Check stored numbers via text message.
  10. Works with mobile phones and land lines.
  11. Unlimited range wire free GSM intercom using GSM module (Siemens Cinterion)




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