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Speaker unit for GSM intercom

Available from a 1 button to a 50 button system or a digital door panel which will call up to 1000 apartments, all can have up to 250 (2000 on the digital) built in dial to open numbers, this allows a user or users to call the entry panel and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller.
The digital panel also includes the facility for up to 1000 access codes. Each button on the door panel can be programmed with two telephone numbers (Expandable to 5 numbers, allowing the system to divert a call if the number is busy or not answered. Push to exit and auxiliary inputs / outputs along with a dry contact timed lock output relay are standard. Programming the unit is carried out using ei- ther SMS text messaging or by a USB interface to a PC (except vandal resistant range).
Programming options include the facility to program the telephone number, program the divert numbers, lock relay time, call time, microphone and speaker volume as well as many other features. In addition to standard modules and the digital version, the GSM modules are also avaliable in the vandal resistant range. The speaker module can include 0 to 3 buttons, using expansion modules this can be expanded to 10 buttons.

Available finishes:

  • Mirror finish stainless steel
  • Anodized aluminum
  • High Brass PVD* (physical vapour deposition) finish.



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GSM Door Intercom have been designed to operate using mobile phone technology with minimal installation time required. The system operates as follows:
• The visitor presses a button on the door panel to initiate a call.
• The door panel then dials the telephone number stored using the GSM network.
• If the call is answered, speech and services will be available such as door/gate release.
The Kit enables a call to be made from an entry point (door, gate, remote site or help point) to any telephone number (mobile or land line). The door panel is available with 1 or 2 call buttons (Expandable up to 50) each able to call two (up to five on sstem with up to 10 call buttons) pre programmed telephone numbers if the number is busy or not answered, the call will divert to the next).
Programming of telephone numbers and additional features is carried out via text messaging or PC software. Additional access control features are also available, allowing a number of callers to open the gate/door simply by dialling the telephone number of the intercom panel (the intercom will not answer these calls but will activate the relay output at no charge to the caller). A SIM card is required for this product (NOT SUPPLIED).
Features of the system include a dry contact relay output, open collector auxiliary output, push to exit input and switched 0V auxiliary input.
Outdoor station including a one call button gsm speaker unit and a flushmounting box with module support and hinge

Standard finishes:
- mirror stainless steel for the front plate and gun metal grey for the moule support.
- GSM Aerial antenna of connection cable and wall fix suppot plate.
- 12V DC power supply in a type A2 module DIN box
Packing: box 29.5x29x7cm total weight 1.6 Kg


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